We are Power Full™

You are too....you just forgot.

Confident leaders inspire confidence from others 

Do you ever wonder how you can lead in a way that builds trust, attracts others to follow you, and motivates them to do what needs to be done? Sure, you can use force or control or “influence” (aka control, nice try) to deliver outcomes and get results. We’ve all done it, but that’s an approach with severe limitations.

Or perhaps your challenge is that you are ready to lead people or ready for that bigger job, but you can’t seem to get the opportunity. You can try to prove yourself or convince someone to give you a chance, but that is another version of force. It leads to frustration and disappointment.

There’s a better way to have the career and life of your dreams.

When you are powerful, you don’t feel the need to use force. You don’t experience power struggles. Instead, you exude confidence. When you exude confidence, other people have confidence in you. They want to follow your lead. They want to bring you on board. It’s fascinating how confidence gets reflected back to you; it’s almost like you attract what you want like a magnet. 

Empowerment is a personal practice.

If someone has to give you power, then you aren't truly powerful. Most of us operate inside an illusion that power is “out there” …. something to grab at, something to strive for, something to be granted. If you need a position or a title or a particular situation to feel powerful, then your sense of power is fragile. Once the position or title goes away, so will your sense of power. Once the situation takes a turn you don't like, you will find yourself being frustrated. 

Here’s a little secret. You don’t have to try to be confident. You don’t have to try to be powerful. That’s not how it works. Put your focus on cultivating your inner strength, and the rest comes naturally:

  • Take steps to develop your inner strength (we will help you), which then allows you to...

  • Feel confident, and appear that way to others (it’s an outcome, not something to strive for), which enables you to...

  • Be powerful (it’s always been there)

We will show you how to cultivate your inner strength so you become immune to external circumstances. No matter what is happening around you, you will be powerful.

You will be able to do and have everything you want while feeling peaceful and relaxed.

There is one answer to all of your questions:  Be Power Full™.

There are lots of things in life that can feel frustrating, annoying, aggravating, stressful and so on. All of those experiences are simply pointing you to the fact that in that particular moment, in that specific situation, you forgot that you are powerful. 

Maybe some of these situations will sound familiar…

  • How can I get results from my team without pressuring them?

  • How can I get my first leadership role when I have never led people before?

  • How can I deal with that colleague that shuts me down in meetings?

  • How can I get my boss/partners/colleagues to see how valuable I am?

  • How do I deal with imposter syndrome and believe that I deserve to have a seat at that table?

  • How do I need to show up to get that dream job opportunity? 

  • How do I make my point in a way that others can hear it?

  • How can I resolve this exhausting family drama?

  • What do I need to do to get along with my colleague or family member once and for all?  

  • How can I stop getting steamrolled by my business partner or boss or spouse or family member? 

  • How do I get results without steamrolling other people myself? 

  • Why won’t my leadership recognize me for my hard work?

  • How can I stop feeling so stressed?

Many problems...one solution: Be . Simple. 

We are dedicated to bringing our A-game. Come and play with us.

Think of being powerful like you would think about playing a game or sport. All there is to do is understand the fundamentals, then get out there and play. 

You practice and you play and you get better every day.

And when you do it in the spirit of comradery and fun, it's just so much easier! That's the purpose of this community: To play at being powerful...together. 

When you join us, you gain access to:

  • The Power Full™ Playbook with new ways of thinking that will change the way you understand about power plus the fundamental skills and basic drills that develop your inner strength.

  • The Power Full™ Practice Squad, a group of people who are bad ass enough to get on the field with a desire to develop their inner strength and increase their feeling of power…bringing their A-game to every corner of their lives.

  • Weekly Huddles that will get you unstuck, reframe challenges and offer a dose of encouragement and inspiration.

  • Team Meetings that bring everyone together around a topic, concept or skill

When you join We Are Full of It, you get the tools you need to learn how to play the game of being powerful. You get teammates who will challenge and support you. You will have the opportunity to scrimmage - to try things out and build your inner strength in a low risk environment.

You are ready for Power Full™ if any of these are true for you...

  • Your life looks good on paper, but something feels off.
  • You feel stuck in your career. 
  • You feel frustrated or worried about a situation that is out of your control.
  • You find yourself wondering if you deserve to be in that room.
  • You are dealing with a work situation that feels stressful or hopeless.
  • You have a boss or colleague or team member that you just can’t get on the same page with.
  • You have a personal relationship that has more friction than peace.
  • You have a serious crisis in your life and you are challenged to navigate it.
  • You find yourself feeling like a victim of a particular circumstance.
  • You just want to feel confident and relaxed no matter what! 
  • [Insert your goal here.]

We've got you! Join us in the game of being Power Full.